Wednesday, July 27, 2005

quick recap

well, I'm very tired right now so I'll probably just post really quick and probably head off to bed soon. quick recap of the trip to minnesota: 1) seeing Pickle and Julia was really fun. it's good to see old friends and to keep in touch. 2) Athos likes the couch in the basement. if you are trying to sleep on it and he's around, he WILL lick your face to get you off of it and to make you make room for him. 3) kudos to Iowa who recently raised their maximum speed limit from 65 mph to 70 mph. that made the trip soooo much faster. well, it seemed like it anyways. 4) Pickle is old. 5) don't say things like "looks like my dragon made it all the way from Minnesota" and then proceed to take it from the car into the apartment because something like its left wing will inevitably fall off. 6) it takes at least three attempts to leave any location. all in all, a good time was had by all. for a more in depth report of the trip, see Shannon's and Nicole's blog.

as for today, work went well. I had to stay late (as usual) and barely made it in time to teach my two classes. the head instructor also asked me to help him teach classes next week (apparently all the other instructors are going on vacation that week) so I'll have to check my work schedule tomorrow to see if I can. since I've gotten home, the only other thing I've done besides fooding was painting my silver helms. for some reason, it always seems to take forever for me to paint horses. I'm not really sure why but they seem to take longer to get done than people. what else...oh yeah, I ordered some ogres today so they should be in by friday. I probably won't work on them until I'm done with all my high elf stuff so it'll be awhile before I get around to it. well, I'm gonna try to finish painting all eight silver helm horses tonight and then probably head off to bed. I've got to open tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Arise, Imrik, last dragon prince of Caledor!

as promised here are pics of Imrik. watch and tremble in fear at the mighty Imrik, last dragon prince of Caledor.;Posted by Picasa

Imrik's left side Posted by Picasa

Imrik's right side Posted by Picasa

dragon's head Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

two thoughts

well, I've had this cough for the past couple of days so yesterday night, before going to bed, I decided to take something for it. not just "something" but THE greatest invention known to man (yes, it beats out the wheel). I'm talking, of course, about Nyquil. I took a capful of that magical blue liquid and fell asleep five minutes later and this morning, my cough is almost all gone.

on a sidenote, it looks like this weekend is a good time to leave lawrence. the weather's supposed to be 100+ degrees starting today.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

yet another update

well, let's see...on thursday we had hockey. it was the D league but still fun nonetheless. we wound up winning 5-2 although it really should've been 5-1. the ref dropped the puck even though our goalie had his gloves and blocker off so he could adjust his leg pads. I had a couple of assists and two goals which is a very good day for me. I even had a couple of steals and saves. the team as a whole played very well though especially considering that the league coordinator gave the other team the best goalie in the league to make it fair. friday was spent painting and saturday was spent going to see "singing in the rain" at theatre in the park. it's a really good/funny musical. I'd strongly suggest seeing it on stage if you get the chance or renting it on dvd if you don't. this morning was spent going to church and finally finishing painting my archers. I also got my mage painted (yea! I can cast spells!) and started painting my other dragon princes and my bolt thrower. lots of fun. hopefully I'll get all my painting done by thursday but I highly doubt it considering I haven't even started my silver helms yet or my other regiment of archers. oh yeah, I also got to go see charlie and the chocolate factory today. kinda interesting. I think it would've been better without the songs but I guess they make the movie even more weird which is what I guess Tim Burton was going for (and accomplished). well, it's getting late and my day starts early so I'm probably gonna head off to bed soon. nighty-night.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

random thought of the day

it's a good thing the sun sets everynight 'cause otherwise, fish wouldn't be able to sleep (they gotz no eye lids).

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

wow, that's long

hmmm...that last post made me sound kinda crazy if you didn't know I was talking about warhammer... well, anyways, it's been a couple of days since I've updated blogbert. as for saturday, I went out with some friends to a fancy smancy restaraunt. it wound up being one of those french cuisine type places where the waiters put your napkin in your lap for you and all that other stuff that you sometimes see you on food network. I had the bison strips with a foi gras (sp?) butter sauce. it was really, really good. everyone else had normal (but still good) food. I think they ordered the pork chop and the chicken. I'm not gonna tell you how much the bill was but let's just say the tip was about $25. on sunday, we went to see funny girl. it's a musical about Fanny Brice (apparently a prett big actress. she was in Zigfields follies or something like that). the show was all right. the actress did a really good job with her songs, I just wasn't really that impressed with the script. the food there was decent. not nearly as good as it was the last time we went but my tastebuds may be biased from the french food from the night before. I was told Pickle's parents were also going to go see the show this weekend but I couldn't find them so they might've gone to the saturday showing or they might've just been on the other side of the theatre. that brings me to today. I'm actually typing from Shannon and Nicole's place right now. they're both asleep. I came down last night after work (which went pretty slow until the last half hour or so). got down here at about 9-ish. we fooded at chipotle because the subway at the union was closed and then came back to their place for game olympics stuff (check shannon's or nicole's blog for results) and then, on to warhammer! the battle started off fairly even and then my dragon princes of caledor ran away for quite a while. stupid princes. they've yet to do anything uber cool. the last game we played, they held up some chaos knights for most of the game before getting slaughtered but that's about it. anyways, once my princes ran away, that pretty much killed our strategy and left a lot of other units on our side vulnerable to attack (which nicole, nette, and aaron did). and then when shannon's spearmen and sea guard got aten (past tense of eat? well, technically, it'd be eaten but that doesn't sound as fun) by zombies and bats, that was pretty much the end for us. the lone bright side for the armies I was controlling was that my sea guard did really well. they sustained very little casualties and onl fled once while doing a lot of damage and tying up two units. plans for the rest of the day: food, maybe do some game olympics stuff before leaving, clean aquarium, get some fish, clean apartment, paint archers if I have time. well, this post has been long enough so I'm gonna go do other stuff now (probably play on the internet until shannon and nicole wake up).

Saturday, July 09, 2005


too tired now...not going to type much...thinking about getting a lizardman army...

Friday, July 08, 2005

so far...

well, it's been a busy day. work was really hectic, 'specially towards 5:00 PM-ish. we just had a lot of donors come in and by that time, we had already sent a lot of people home because it had been slow. by the time I got home, I was exhausted so I figured I'd do something kinda fun. I spent about four hours or so working on my spearmen. they're almost done. right now, I'm waiting for their bows to dry on. once that is done, I can glue them to their bases, add a little texture and then I'll be done. yea! my goal is to get my silver helms and archers done by monday but I seriously doubt that that will get done. tomorrow, I'm going with some friends to a fancy restaraunt and then we're going to go see a movie (as thanks from a group for helping out at their dance a couple of months ago) and then on sunday, I'm supposed to be going to a dinner theatre with andrea and her mom and sister so very little painting time in there. anyways, while I was waiting for the bows to dry, I've been cleaning (no small feat considering I have warhammer stuff all over the place and luggage, hockey equipment, tae kown do stuff, and scuba stuff strewn all over the place). well, I think I'll clean a little more before I go glue to spearmen to their bases (I would post pictures but my camera doesn't seem to like close-ups for some reason. they get really blurry).

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

adults should have merit badges

that's right. you heard me correctly. I think adults should have merit badges. something that you can use to show off your accomplishments or something that can be used to display your shortcomings. beat mario world? here's a merit badge. saved a life today? here's a merit badge. choked on a chicken wing? here's a merit badge. why should boy scouts and girl scouts have all the fun? also, merit badges can be a great source for conversation. say you're out on a first day with a girl and you don't know what to talk about. take a look at the merit badge. does she have any that look like the ones you have? talk about that. also, merit badges can be used as a warning device. if you see a guy with a merit badge that looks like someone stabbing someone else, you might want to avoid him. these are just a couple of the reasons that just popped off the top of my head. I'm sure there's a plethora more so join me in the merit badge revolution. demand merit badges!

sucks to be me

well, to start off, we were going to be short-handed at work today anyways with only three phlebotomists (wednesdays are our busiest days) but add on top of that the fact that one of the people that were supposed to come in couldn't come in and you have a very hectic day. unfortunately, the guy that couldn't come in was supposed to be the last closer so now, that makes me the last closer which should be fun because I have to be off by 5:30 so I can make it to tae kwon do to teach class and we don't close till 6:00. most likely, I'll be late to that too. we'll just have to see. after tae kwon do tonight, I'm thinking of having a glass of wine or a cup of ice chai latte, putting on some music, and painting my spearmen. ah...sounds so relaxing. now where'd I put that accelerated time button...

Sunday, July 03, 2005


well, I survived my scuba certification dives so it looks like I'm a certified scuba diver now. the card should be arriving in a couple of weeks. while at the lake, the place we stayed at had their fireworks show which was really quite good considering the town only had 1900 people or so. since I've gotten home, I've been working on paintin my army. they are taking forever to paint. I've managed to finish two complete models in the past four hours (dragon prince general w/steed and dragon prince standard bearer w/steed). they look all right. nothing spectacular but they look decent from a distance. well, think I'll go work on the rest of the figures now. just wanted to let all my loyal readers know that I made it back all right.