Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I love fresh ingredients

andrea's coming down to lawrence tonight so I thought I'd make us dinner. didn't really know what to make so I thought I'd throw a couple of ingredients together and see what I get. apparently, we're having bowtie spaghetti with italian sausage and bacon in a four cheese sauce. of course, I'm cooking so that means that I'm snacking on the ingredients as well. just got to say raw fresh basil is the best. also, you might want to try raw minced garlic too if you haven't done that before. it tastes totally different when it's not mixed with anything else. there's a peppery/citrusy taste to it. also, asiago cheese and regiano parmeggiono are good. that is all. next time you cook, you should try the ingredients by themselves. well, enough babbling. on to see if anything's burned on the stovetop.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

don't mess with optimus

G'Nockthar foolishly rushes the mighty Optimus Prime...

Unfortunately for G'Nockthar, the end result was inevitable...

Friday, January 12, 2007

Narnia? II

just got back inside from being outdoors. here's a little poem I wrote to commemorate the event:

little pellets of ice
falling from the sky
sharp as razor blades
slicing skin from bone

on another note. when I got back inside, the power was out...for the second time today (it's back on now). I'm off now to find some candles and matches in case I need them for tonight.


yes, like other Kansas cities within the past month, Lawrence, being the petulant child-city that it is, is also getting its own winter storm (hopefully nowhere near as bad as the ones in western kansas). I think it's supposed to be in the mid 20s today so for my last day of "vacation", I'm gonna be staying indoors, painting, having some sweet fruit tea, cleaning, and playing gladius on the pre-wii (gamecube). if you have to go outside, bundle up.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

did you know...?

well, I have my week off this week so I'm here doing laundry and watching the food network. there's a show on right now called world's freakiest food and they're having a segment on muskrats. apparently, according to the show, the catholic church allows you to substitute muskrat for fish on meatless days (i.e. lent). ahhh....it's good to be catholic.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Urban Ninja

This guys is my hero.
Like Scrubs? Like A Charlie Brown Christmas?

Well my friend, this is the video for you. A Charlie Brown Christmas voiced over by the cast of Scrubs.