Monday, January 31, 2005

songs, anyone?

well, looks like some people are taking a shot at the songs. I wasn't able to delineate between lyrics that were bolded and which ones weren't so I decided just to make the ones that haven't been guessed correctly yet bigger and the ones that have been guessed correctly are in normal-sized fonts

Sunday, January 30, 2005

I bring jubilation

I decided to change the name of the blog 'cause Newgen's scribbles didn't sound that good. jubilation, however, has a ring to it. I'd always liked the word and you just never seem to hear it much nowadays.
jubilation (n.) - a state of bliss, extreme happiness, elation, joyfulness, or celebration

if you're bored

if you're bored, here's something you can do. following are snippets from songs on my MP3 player that popped up on random. see if you can figure out what songs they're from without using google or another search engine. you can leave your guesses in my comment book. you can guess at all of them or just specific ones and I'll unbold all the ones someone has gotten right. I'll post the answers later.

1. "I'm proud to say she's my buttercup/I'm in love" (All Shook Up - Elvis Presley)

2. "Take the world in a love embrace/ Fire all your guns at once..." (Born to Be Wild - Steppenwolf)

3. "Her soul rises in the evening/ For to open twilight's door" (Ireland - Garth Brooks)

4. "Damn this rain/ And damn this wasted day" (Somewhere Other than the Night - Garth Brooks)

5. "Do you think you're gonna live forever/ What's forever?" (Humble Star - Blessid Union of Souls)

6. "Saw it written on the church marquee/ As I drove into town" (Brand New Me - John Michael Montgomery)

7. "Jubilation/ She loves me again" (Cecilia - Simon & Garfunkel)

8. "Where the crowds will cheer/ When they see my face" (Go the Distance - Hercules sndtrk)

9. "Who is he baby?/ Who is he and tell me what he means to you" (Cuts Like a Knife - Bryan Adams)

10. "You were there when I needed you/ You were there when the skies broke wide wide open" (Five Candles - Jars of Clay)

11. "Lord has blessed me with a song a day to sing/ It's been a long hard road but I wouldn't change a thing" (Lucky to be Here - Blessid Union of Souls)

12. "I've been wishing I could find me a wishing well/ And throw in every penny I own" (Me & the Moon - Bryan White)

13. "I'd walk into your skin/ Swim through your veins" (Disappear - Jars of Clay)

14. "...painted wings/ Things I almost remember" (Once Upon a December - Anastasia sndtrk)

15. "All you know is when I"m with you, I make you free/ And swim through your veins like a fish in the sea" (Follow Me - Uncle Cracker)

16. "I had my dreams in view/ When my money ran out and my engine blew" (That's the Way - Jo Dee Messina)

17. "It may be quite simple but now that it's done/ I hope you don't mind..." (Your Song - Elton John/ Moulin Rouge sndtrk)

18. "I'll whisper your name/ Into the sky" (As I Lay Me Down - Sophie B. Hawkins)

19. "I never took the smile away from anybody's face/ And that's a desperate way to look for someone who is still a child" (In a Big Country - Big Country)

20. "Yeah life throws you curves/ But you've learned to swerve" (These Days - Rascal Flatts)

21. "No I'll stand my ground/ Won't be turned around" (I Won't Back Down - Tom Petty)

22. "Mr. Wizard can't perform no God-like hocus pocus" (Walkin' on the Sun - Smashmouth)

23. "All around the world/ Statues crumble 'fore me" (Fly - Sugar Ray)

24. "Such a strange combination of woman and child/ Such a strange situation..." (Callin' Baton Rouge - Garth Brooks)

25. "I was made for loving you baby/ You were made for loving me" (Elephant Love Melody - Moulin Rouge sndtrk)

I know too little! I'm not worthy!

well, I just got done going over my little section I was supposed to be studying for the MCAT for the day in my MCAT prep book and it's amazing how much you forget. so, as a result, I get to spend the rest of the day on glycolysis, the electron transport chain, and oxidative phosphorylation in my microbiology book as well as their byproducts and net yield. yea fun!

poet's corner online

well, looks like the Poet's Corner has gone on-line. if you have poems you want posted, email them to me. the link is on the side-bar.

rock lobsters

well, just got out of bed about an hour or two ago. shannon, nicole, nette, chris, aaron, and chelle came over yesterday and we played donkey konga for a bit. there's this annoying little song on there called rock lobster where the male singer says rock lobster in a really high-pitched voice. we got a great kick out of that. anyways, at about 7-ish shannon, chelle, and nette left for the anything but joey concert so the four of us stayed at my place and played NHL Hitz. we created a new team and called it RKLBSTRZ. it was fun. after they left, I finished watching Hero and wound up going to bed at about 4:00 AM-ish. so yeah, now I'm up. just got done paying my electric bill (over $100... stupid heat) and my phone bill which I'm considering cancelling 'cause I don't really use it and I have unlimited nights on my cell phone. the only reason I've kept it this long was 'cause I needed it for the old modem which I don't anymore. sooo...long story short, I'm giving away $30 to utility companies. well, I go get ready for the day and to clean up.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

very carribean

well, I'm just sitting here wearing a long-sleeved green button-up t-shirt untucked with sleeves rolled up and a pair of white slacks and I can't help but feel very relaxed and carribean-y. I'm also listen to "I can see clearly now" by Jimmy Cliff so that may have something to do with it too.

Friday, January 28, 2005

falling flakes of white

well, it's snowing outside. it's been precipitating most of the day. first it started out as these little pellets that weren't really snow or hail (I guess the best description of it would be like a gazillion shards falling from a broken autoglass up in the sky). now it's just the usual big flakes. shannon, nicole, nette, chris, and chelle (possibly aaron and amber) are supposed to come down here tomorrow for the Anything But Joey concert so I hope the weather isn't too bad. work went all right. we actually had enough people to get through the day without too much of a hassle. we still only got 30 minute lunches though (we usually get 45 minute lunches) 'cause we were still busy and only two of the four people there could do sticks. just got back from brown and black belt class. usually I come back out of breath and sore all over but today wasn't too bad. I think the head instructor held back because there were a lot of kids in the class today and they couldn't do too many push-ups. now that the out-of-the-apartment part of the day is over with, I think I'll stay inside and have dinner and maybe watch a little tv. I'm having left-over pork fried rice, teriyaki chicken, and chicken lo mein from Dillons. that's also what I had for lunch 'cause Dillons is across the street from where I work and it doesn't take long for me to get there. anywhos, I go get nice and comfy now. I wonder if a nice glass of zinfindel goes well with chinese food...


yea! I just figured out how to add links to the sidebar of my blog. well, it's exciting to me at least...

yea! pay day! boo! bill day!

well, today's pay day and it feels really cold in the apartment. I think it's supposed to be really cold outside today too (freezing-ish). I think I remember hearing something about snow. *peeks through the blinds* nope. none on the ground yet. hmm...guess I should pay bills today too...although I don't really want to but my apartment would probably be even colder without heat and electricity... well, I go get ready for work now.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

I'm home!

well, I didn't have to go in to work till 1:00 PM today but it still felt long 'cause we were still short-staffed 'cause one of the phlebotomists had to leave when I got there. other than that, work went fine. nobody bled more than they were supposed to. everybody left with the same amount of limbs they came in with. all in all, a successful day. yea! tomorrow's pay day! happy happy. unfortunately, I have to work till 5:30 so I won't have enough time to deposit the check tomorrow. eh. enough work talk. I'm home now so I'm relaxing. just got finished watching 'Friends' on TBS. kinda strange. I never watched it when it was still airing but now that it's stopped filming, I've become addicted. well, I think I'll go play a little Madden now 'cause it sounds like something that needs to be done.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

six hours is not enough...

well, I'm up and I do believe that six hours is not enough for me. guess that just means I'll have to go to bed early tonight. let's see...plans for the to work, teach two classes, go home, bed. gotcha. classes should be fun tonight 'cause everyone's getting promoted tonight which means everyone that tested learns new forms. well, I go to do something till I have to leave for work. perhaps I'll listen to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack... sounds like a good wake up thing to do.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


here's my current desktop picture

starting over

well, I'm starting over with Blogger to see if the format is better than livejournal or not. only time will tell. here's the link to the livejournal site: