Sunday, May 27, 2007


I made my first foray into the dillons in olathe today. Yes, my new place is close to a dillons too. Even closer than the other place actually. I've gotta admit it feels kinda strange walking into another dillons. I don't know exactly what the feeling is but it's a feeling of knowing that it isn't your dillons. nothing's where it's supposed to be and they don't have all the produce they're supposed to have. I suppose I'll just have to get used to it. well, I'm off to cook my very first meal at the new place (rigatoni with sausage and a

Thursday, May 24, 2007

thar be pirates!

one of my friends works at the movie theatre in lawrence and last night, they had an advanced screening of the new pirates of the caribbean movie and I was lucky enough to go. in short, I think that overall the movie is better than the other two. there is quite a bit more humor with several plot twists involved. that is not to say, however, that action is lacking. there are several fight sequences and explosions. there are also several cameos scattered throughout the movie. my only semi-complaint about the movie is about the soundtrack. true, it is better than the second movie but nowhere near as good as the first one. unfortunately, they brought Hans Zimmerman back for the third installment of the pirates trilogy instead of Klaus Baudelt. although Zimmerman's music is usually great, it felt like for the pirate trilogy he just did variations on Baudelt's previous score. overall, I'd give the movie a 9 1/2 stars out of ten. see it for yourself and be your own judge.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


what can you get for $7.50? the answer is Mirrormask. if you don't own a copy of it yet, you can get one at Best Buy. you can also get a little over two gallons of gas at the local gas-o-mart. so how much did it cost me to fill my tank? a little over five mirrormasks worth. yup. $39.50 for a full tank of gas. that's ridiculous! well, enough of my gas rant. off to relax.

Monday, May 14, 2007

beds are soooo much softer than floors

I've been sleeping in the new house for the past couple of nights and we hadn't gotten our new bed in yet so the obvious alternative is the floor which would be fine if, like most newer homes, the living room was carpeted. our house, was built in the 1920s. everything is hardwood. well in any case, we finally got the bed in and I finally purchased the frame tonight and put everything together. it is soooo much nicer than hardwood floor. it's probably even nicer than my full-sized bed. well, off I go to enjoy the bed.

Friday, May 11, 2007

hooked up

it's official! I now have cable and cable internet in the new house. yea!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


what've I been up to? well, we closed on the house on thursday and we finally got access to our house on saturday so basically I've been busy cleaning. we haven't gotten very far in the process yet. as of saturday and sunday we've only been able to clean about three of the fifteen or so storm windows, changed one set of locks on the door, painted one door, and puttied all the holes in the wall. we're gonna try to paint the living room sometime later this week.

yea! I'm back!

well, for the past two weeks, I've been trying to get back onto blogger. as many of you bloggerites know, they recently merged with google which means that you now must bow down to the google gods to use your blogger accounts. well, I being the weak and lowly mortal that I am, did such bowing and in said process was required to enter a new user name and password. well, long story short, I was cleaning out the computer registry and cleaned out the cookies that had the password and user id stored in it and couldn't for the life of me figure out what they were. well, just today (not two minutes ago), after much trial and tribulation, I was finally able to deduce my user id (go me). and much like a lowly mortal begging at his god's feet for a boon, I had to send a request to have my password reset. all this to say I'm back! and, like Kratos, google gods I say to you, beware! for your reign of tyranny is over!