Monday, November 17, 2008


I had the day off so I actually have time to update my blog a little bit so that's exactly what I decided to do. First off, on the right hand side, you'll notice my zune tag which basically shows you what the last albums I listened to were. I believe if you click on an album, it'll link you to the album page where you can listen to 30 second samples. Just underneath that is a list of the podcasts I'm listening to right now on my zune. Below is a brief description of what the podcasts are so you can go ahead and stop reading now if you're not interested in that kind of stuff.

A Way with Words: A radio call in show where the host talks about word origins, regionalisms, etc.

Ask a Ninja: A video podcast comedy that answers email questions the way a ninja would.

Chuck vs. the Podcast: An audio podcast that talks about my current favorite sit-com, NBC's Chuck airing Monday nights at 7:00 PM central.

Get-it-done Guy: An audio podcast that helps you become more efficient.

Howstuffworks: An audio podcast that explains exactly that, how stuff works. Each podcast lasts about one to two minutes.

Inspiration Weekly: An audio podcast that tells inspirational stories each week. Each podcast lasts about five minutes or so.

JobDig: An audio podcast that helps your professional life.

Let's Talk Organizing: An audio podcast that pretty much does what the title states.

TFormers: One of my indulgences. Talks about Transformer news including toys, tv series and the movies.

The Mind of Men: An audio podcast talking about random guy things including politics, what to look for in choosing an digital tv, etc.

The Naked Scientists: An hour-long audio podcast that goes over the latest scientific information. The hosts are from England so you'll probably notice the accent.

The Public Speaker: An audio podcast that gives tips on speaking in front of large groups of people.

The Totally Rad Show: A show Shannon got me hooked on. It's a video podcast that talks about videogames, movies, etc.

Zune Insider, Zune Luv, Zunited: Audio podcasts that talk about the latest Zune news.

"The monkey's his uncle?"

Overall, yesterday was a pretty good day once I got out of work. As you can probably tell from the pic above, I was lucky enough to get to see the Lion King Musical before it left the KC area (we saw it at the very last possible showing). If the Lion King is showing in your area, I highly suggest you go see it. It is definitely worth the price for the costumes alone if nothing else. The cast was excellent and the songs were great. There are a couple of new songs (apparently, they made a movie about the Lion King... :) that didn't appear in the cartoons and portions of the show were interpretive dance. The voices of the actors are sonorous and melifluous (fancy words...) and sound almost exactly like their cartoon counterparts.

Not only did I get to see Lion King but before I left work, I had to get gas and decided to buy a lotto ticket. Guess I got the right one.