Tuesday, February 28, 2006

an actual list of things I need to bring...

well, I will be going to a conference next wednesday for tae kwon do. below is a list of things I need to bring with me. 2 questions:

1) how am I supposed to get this stuff on the plane?
2) why do I need the ibuprofen and icy hot?

2 PMA uniforms, plenty of PMA t Shirts
Boxing gloves, wrist wraps, and shin pads
Single kali stick, 2 PMA nunchucku, bo staff,
Towels, ibuprofen, and icy hot

if I'm not back on monday, it's because I got whacked in the back of the head by nanchakus.

Friday, February 24, 2006

that's right. you read the packaging correctly

yup. for your veiwing amusement, a giant, inflatable monkey.

"where can I pick myself up one of these bad boys," you say? why party america, of course 'cause in america, it just wouldn't be a party without a giant monkey.

Monday, February 20, 2006

quick questions

Q: What sound does a filter make when it explodes?
A: Pop

Q: What sound does a newgen make when he spends an hour and a half cleaning up the blood?
A)Ooooooo *poke, poke, poke*
B)*Squeal like a school girl*
A: Ewwwww...

Saturday, February 18, 2006

a short story

one happy morning, little newgen sprang out of bed and said to himself, "hey, let's not get anything productive done today" and with that intent, he went on his merry way. instead of cleaning or studying or ending world famine, he finished painting his skeleton warriors.

after finishing his skeletons, he thought to himself "I should probably get something to eat before I start looking like these guys" so he hippity hopped his way to the kitchen and threw a bunch of stuff into his crock pot. when he was done, this was what came out:

"I sure hope it tastes better than it looks," he said to himself and sure enough, the chicken noodle soup sure did taste better than it looked. "Ugghhh, I've eaten too much. I need to do something even less productive than painting," he said. "I know, TV'll do the trick" and with the flick of a button, his TV turned on and he watched team USA lose to Slovakia in hockey. "Well, now what?" he said after the game was over. I know, I'll start on my chaos knights" and this is what he was able to finish:

And with an exhaustive yawn, he headed off to bed knowing that he had accomplished his goal of doing nothing productive all day.


Friday, February 17, 2006

random thought

do you know what's a funny word? spackle. I think it's funny just because it sounds like it could have been formed by combining the word spank and tackle and that just presents a funny mental image. so, the next time you think about doing something bad, think again because I'll spackle you good.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

eternally guarded

I finally finished painting my eternal guards today so I thought I'd take a few pictures...

and then I thought my archers looked pretty cool so I took some pictures of them too.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

ethanol: the wave of the future!

well, I've been interested in this ethanol as an alternative fuel source thing for a while now and I saw a commercial on tv for it so I thought I'd actually stop by the web site and check it out (you can too at www.livegreengoyellow.com). as far as I can find, it looks like the only downside to using ethanol is that you'd get 5 or so less miles per gallon which means that you'd have to refuel a little more often but since ethanol is either the same price as gas or cheaper, it shouldn't really cost you all that much more. good reasons for using ethanol (according to the aforementioned website:
1) renewable fuel source
2) cuts down on dependency on foreign fuel sources
4) good for the economy and farmers

one thing that I found that was kind of interesting is that most of the gas stations that offer E85 (ethanol), as of right now, are located either in western kansas or, with the exception of topeka, are small towns. now if GC can just get an ethanol plant there, that'd really boost the economy and encourage more businesses to expand there (I'm lookin' at you Best Buy) and then I can move back there. you can check out a list of gas stations with ethanol in kansas at www.e85fuel.com. looks like I'm gonna hafta get me one of those cars one of these days... oh yeah, you can sign up for t-shirts at livegreengoyellow.com. unforutnately, they're all out now but I think I'm gonna hafta get one of those too.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

holy crap!

holy crap! it snowed this morning! that wasn't supposed to happen...I woke up and opened the blinds in the living room to let some light in and this is what I get....

below are random pics from superbowl:

Shannon's mad revolution dancing skills

we're all in awe...ok so at this point, we were watching the superbowl but we were still in awe

other pics of us watching stuff

yes. that's two, count them TWO TVs.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

I have the worst luck with super bowls in manhattan...

well, a couple of years ago, coming back from a superbowl party in manhattan, my car slid off the road because of a snowstorm and into a snow bank. it tore up my front bumper pretty good and cost me about $700 to fix it. coming back from manhattan tonight from the super bowl party, I got pulled over for going 50 mph in a 40 on 6th St. where they are doing construction. apparently, I blinked or something and missed the sign that posted the speed limit change so now, I owe the city of lawrence $72. in conclusion, I may be having a superbowl party at my place next year.

Friday, February 03, 2006

new toys

well, I've got some fun new toys to play with now. no time to play with them but fun toys nonetheless. I picked up ddr extreme for the ps2 a couple of days ago and have been able to log in about an hour of that. the other purchase is a digital camera from my siblings as a birthday present. it's really scawwy...it's so small I'm afraid I might break it. it does all sorts of fun things like taking out all the colors except for black and white and one other color that you specify and fun little things like that. and since I got that, I had to go out and get a memory card today (the 16 MB card it came with was, shall we say, less than sufficient as it took a grand total of seven pictures before running out of memory). my new memory card holds over 700 pictures. well, that's all, I go to bed now. I've got work tomorrow and then andrea and I are gonna do dinner and a movie and them I'm gonna come straight home so I can get all my homework done (didn't think I'd still have homework after graduating...) 'cause I won't have any free time before class on tuesday.