Sunday, April 30, 2006

another music review

well, since I've been doing music reviews lateley, I thought I'd post another one up here. I was listening to Trailmix on KPR and they had this song called "The Stained Glass" by Danny Schmidt on it. it's gotta be one of the most poetic songs I've heard. here are some of the lyrics and if you want, you can see a video of his performance here this stanza describes the congregation as the glass maker reveals the stained glass window that he made to replace the one that was made by his son.

The chapel fell to silence, it was more than just surprise
As the monstrosity of color slid its tongue across their eyes
And they shivered from exposure like babies born again
Cause in every pane of glass was all the joy and pain of man . . .

Friday, April 28, 2006

can't get enough ninja?

looking for a ninja shirt? try here

and for more ninja fun, stop by here

Thursday, April 27, 2006

fragments of memories

have you ever had one of those moments where it's like you're having a flashback of the magnus opus of your previous life? I had something kinda like that today while I was driving. I was waiting at the traffic light and listening to goo when this popped into my head:

if our two destinies were parallel lines, I'd twist reality so that our paths would intersect even if it were just for that brief instant in time.
and, with that brief meeting, a single point in time, my life would be complete and I could carry on in my parallel life.

obviously there are some tweaks to it but it seems to resonate within me for some reason. sort of like the way certain phrases can trigger a memory.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

random cute pictures from easter

here are some random cute pics of my future nieces-in-law. I was only gonna post one but I couldn't decide which one was my favorite so I decided to post my top four.

during my MCAT lunch

here's what I did during my one hour lunch break during the MCAT on saturday. I went for a little walk and saw this bunny.

then I took pictures of the statue of the guy doing tai chi. I just really liked the statue for some reason.

it takes so little to make me happy

so here I am having lunch (mmmm...jimmy johns...) and I'm as happy as can be. why, you ask? simple. today's the day that the goo goo dolls release their new cd (let love in). yes, that's why I'm happy. because of a cd. I'm as giddy as a teenage school girl waiting for that first date. but back to the cd. the first song is awesome. it's called stay with you and is a great opener for the cd. really energetic and upbeat. I've only gotten to halfway of track 2 right now (just bought the cd before heading to jimmy johns) and in typical goo fashion, the second track slows things way down but then picks you right back up again so you don't really know where john rzeznik and the guys from goo will take you next. I can't wait to get to "better days". it's their first single from the cd and the lyrics are just hauntingly beautiful. I suggest you check it out if you haven't heard it yet. you can probably find the video for it at vh1 or mtv or some such site. well, off to finish lunch and listen to goo.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I'm off

well, off to take the MCAT. the end is in sight. yea!

Friday, April 21, 2006

random thought

here's a random thought I had earlier today:

for most of your life, your net displacement is zero. ponder that for a moment.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

my day

well, its been a long day of studying for the MCAT so I'm going to spend the rest of the night painting chaos warriors and, if I get real adventurous, I may start painting my dwarves. yes, I have dwarves bringing my total army count to 6 (high elves, ogres, wood elves, vampire counts, chaos, dwarves), 8 if you count the britonians and orcs that came with the warhammer boxed set. well, a-painting I will go.

Friday, April 07, 2006

the all-clear

well, after reading shannon's post yesterday about killer weather, I decided to check the local tv stations to see if any bad weather was heading our way (we're kinda known for getting random stuff. microburst comes to mind) and sure enough we were under a tornado watch. because of said watch, I decided not to go and make up my class that I had missed earlier for the MCAT. so I sat at home waiting for the storm to show up. what'd we get? nothing. not a single drop of rain. I guess manhattan took it all. on to today's news. we got paid today (wooohoooo!) we also got doughnuts 'cause we've been swamped all week long. today was the first time it's actually been slow. other highlights include a coworker making a suit of armor from some kit boxes and glove boxes and a sword from some caps off of the kits we use and a helmet from the visors we use. it was getting pretty busy when I left for lunch though so you never know what it'll be like when I get back. off I go to enjoy my lunch of sushi from dillons and powerade option. I got the strawberry flavor. it was suprisingly good. you never can tell with those water/fruit hybrids. they can be either really, really good or really, really nasty.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

a story semi-in-medias-res

well, yesterday I went to tae kwon do class (the first class I've been to that I haven't taught in over a year) and I saw one of the people that tested for black belt wearing a cast. now back track to saturday when I went to help at the black belt test. this person that tested for black belt had to break through two boards with a punch. well, he did but he said he probably broke his hand because he could feel something dislocated and was in pain after the test. well, I missed all of this because I was holding boards for someone else at the time. anyways, after test, all the black belts shake the hands of the people testing and I came up to said potential black belt and shook his hand as I normally would not knowing that anything was dislocated. well, he let out a pretty loud scream. forward track to yesterday. I was talking to the potential black belt and he tells me that he went to go see the chiropractor yesterday and they took an x-ray of his hand. when the x-ray came back every bone was perfectly aligned. he thinks that I reset his hand when I shook it on saturday. kinda a funny story. on a random side note, I love the smell of freshly cut grass. they mowed the grass at my apartment complex today. also, we're watching ninja turtles today at work (yup, all 3 of the movies) :) . ninja vanish *poof*