Saturday, October 28, 2006

turning of the leaves

well, here I am at panera having probably the three best things they make here - french onion soup, lemon artichoke chicken panini, and an iced chai latte with an apple for the side. what've I been up to today? well, I can tell you that today's been a lot more productive than yesterday. I went to the bank this morning, got my laundry done, and got a dvd shelf at target. on my way back, I noticed that the leaves were starting to turn colors so I thought I'd stop by campus and take some pictures. only problem is that it's a saturday and there's a home football game today. so instead of a nice, quiet stroll, I was greeted by a bunch of college football fans. that's all right though. I still managed to get a couple of good pictures in. and that brings me to now with me panera...where I will be...until my laundry is done drying. on another note, if you like hugh grant movies like 'love actually', I'd suggest picking up 'mickey blue eyes'. I started watching it before I dropped my laundry off. what's on tap for the rest of the day? the finishing of my laundry, the finishing of watching 'mickey blue eyes', the reading of my first responder book, the cleaning of the apartment, and whatever andrea and I decide to do tonight.

good intentions

I meant to read nine chapters for my First Responder class today. instead, I went to Best Buy, bought the original three star wars movies (eps. IV-VI. it was on sale for a little over $30 ), all three riddick chronicle movies (for a whoppin' $15 dollars total), and Ultimate Alliance (a ps2 game with spidey and the x-men) which I then proceeded to spend about 10 hours playing. guess what I get to do tomorrow. it starts with an 'f' and ends with a 'irst responder reading'.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

what've I been up to?

well, the answer to that question is threefold. numero uno: work. numero dos: first responder class. numero tres: sleeping. rinse, lather, repeat, add fooding in there at some point and you have my life the past three days. oh yeah, and battling a cold. the first responder class has been lots of fun. you get to learn medical stuff and you get to work with mannequins. the second day of class (yesterday), we learned about how blood circulates from the heart to the rest of the body (we spent a week on that in biology). that's how quick-paced the class is. I'm about nine chapters behind on my reading now but when your days consist of working 8-5 and then driving from 5-6:30 and then class from 6:30 to 10:00 and then driving from 10:00 to 10:45 to get home and then being in bed by 11:30, that doesn't leave much room for reading or much of anything else especially if you want to have dinner at 10:45-ish. it's been fun though. I'm glad I don't have class again till monday though. it'll give me time to catch up on my reading. what's even better is that I have friday, saturday, and sunday off from work so I might actually get ahead on my reading. so, quick recap of how my week goes: monday through wednesday: work, drive, class, drive, dinner. thursday through saturday: work, read, read, read. sunday: work, read, marriage prep class. so yeah, I've been busy. off I go to bed so I can wake up early enough to hopefully get a spot in the EMT class for next semester. they go fast and the first day of open enrollment is tomorrow at 8:00 AM. over half of the EMT class is already filled up so we'll see...

avs update

like the Avs? like stories of selflessness? this is the story for you Liles Gives No. 26 To Stastny

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Alvin, Simon, Theodore...

so I'm sick again (it's been awhile) and I have this routine I go through everytime I'm sick. first off, I toss kleenexes everywhere and then pick them up the next day (kinda disgusting, I know but it's therapeutic). secondly, I watch a movie from my childhood. usually, it's one of my favorite movies of all time, the Transformers movie (the original). for some reason I decided on a different movie today. I had picked up the Chipmunks Adventure about a week ago in Target so I thought I'd give it a try. anyways, watching the movie got another chipmunks song into my head. I don't know if any of you saw this episode but it's the one where alvin has a dream that the berlin wall falls down ("let the wall fall down/ tumble to the ground"). unfortunately, those are the only lyrics I can remember but it's stuck in my head now. anyways, the third part of my sick regimen involves possibly the best invention...ever, Nyquil, and then to bed so off I go.

Monday, October 02, 2006

notice to pirate islands

dear peaceful nations of the pirate islands,

this notice is to inform you that the nation previously known as futontopia has been taken over and will henceforth be known as ninja isle of death. along with the managerial change comes other changes. we will no longer be using ice blue as our dominant color in the flag. it will be replaced with dark angel green. here is a picture of futontopia's national hero whom we easily captured since he was wearing ice blue and was trying to hide in a dark green forest.
he will summarily be brainwashed and, after re-education, will be released back into the general population. we will also be changing our motto from "love and peace for all" to "death to all". thank you for your cooperation during this difficult transition. we know that change can be difficult and will be more than happy to assist in any way possible during this transitional period.


overlord of ninja isle of death

Sunday, October 01, 2006

ahhh...that hit the spot

I went for another jog today. this time, for 20 mins (a record for me). afterwards, I felt thirsty, and rightfully so. therefore, I headed off to my favorite drink spot. what sounded good? an orange cool breeze. I had never had one before but let me tell you, if you enjoy refreshing, citrus-y goodness, then this is the drink for you. I give it four out of five ninja throwing stars of death. one word of caution though. at the bottom of the drink, there are chunks of pineapple. I didn't expect that when I ordered it and almost spit it back out. that's also the reason why I only gave it four ninja throwing stars of death instead of five. when I order a drink, I shouldn't have to chew it. so there you have it. go out and get yourself an orange cool breeze today.