Saturday, October 13, 2007

alvin, simon, theodore...

yes my friends. it's true. alvin and the chipmunks are coming back from the '80s. not only them but if my sources are correct some little blue men (and maybe a blue chick or two) may be coming back with them... you can read about it here

Monday, October 08, 2007

undead ninja giant

I finally dug out my giant model a couple of days ago and this is as far as I've gotten so far. I've made a couple of conversions to the model. if you have any ideas to make it more undead-y or ninja-y, let me know.

Friday, October 05, 2007

you don't see that every day

I took the day off from work because my brother's getting married tomorrow and I have family coming in from out of town. This being the situation, I spent most of the morning cleaning up. As I was cleaning the fridge out (something I suggest doing more often than bi-annually), I heard the roar of something that sounded like cannons coming from the distance. Much to my dismay, no cannons, no pirate ships, not even an anchor anywhere in sight. Where could that sound be coming from? I thought to myself. And then the answer came marching from below the horizon (or around the corner if you prefer). The cannon roar was coming from the drum line of the marching band. Apparently, today is their homecoming parade or something. It's not every day that a marching band marches down your street and past your house.

Monday, October 01, 2007

radiohead gives away free music

yes you read it right. the band radiohead is giving away free music. I first heard the news on npr on my way home from work and decided to give it a try. apparently, the band recently broke away from its record label and as a way of protesting against big record labels and their fixed pricing, the band is "giving away" their music. well, there's a catch... they aren't really "giving" it away. when you enter their website at you'll be asked to click enter to enter their site. then you'll need to click continue. you'll then be given the option of either pre-ordering the discbox or the digital download. the discbox comes with the usual CD, an ehance CD, a vinyl, some cool artwork, and a hardback copy of the lyrics. the downside? it costs about 40 GBP or approximately $80. if, however, you click on the download option, when you check out where the price should be you'll see a question mark. you can put ANY amount you want in there...even free! I wound up putting 5 GBP in there (the equivalent of $10). as I see it it's a win-win situation for all. Radiohead gets higher profits (they get all of the profits as opposed to having to pay a percentage to the record labels) and the fans get what they want - great music at a great price. now a couple of caveats: 1)the currency is in GBP so if you have any hesitancies about ordering stuff online internationally, this deal is probably not for you. 2)the download isn't officially released until Oct 10, 2007 so you can't download the songs until then. 3)there is a 0.45 GBP (approximately $1) processing charge so the CD download officially cost me $11.14 (5 GBP donation + 0.45 GBP processing fee). so if you like good music and sticking it to big record labels give radiohead a try. if you do wind up doing this, drop me a comment about your experience on the radiohead website. peace.