Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mind, consider yourself blown

I just finished watchiing a documentary originally aired on PBS but I got to watch thanks to Netflix instant streaming (ah, what an age we live in) called Between the Folds. In it, one of the people interviewed makes a statement somewhere along the lines of paper having a memory and that once a fold is made in a piece of paper, that piece of paper can no longer go back to its pre-folded state. You can try to lay it flat but it wants to go back to its folded state. From this, it is possible to make the analogy that a piece of flat paper is like the human mind. Prior to any folds or changes it is blank and is, for the most part, useless. However, once even a single fold or, for the human mind analogy, a single thought is placed into that mind, that thought can not be un-thunk (is that a word?). That thought then goes on to influence other thoughts which then in turn effects who we are as human beings. Just a little origami meets Inception mind-blowing thinking for you :)