Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Now if only Roy would come out of retirement...

For those of you that haven't heard, the Avs have reaquired both Adam Foote and Peter Forsberg! This announcement came just several days after they reactivated Joe Sakic. You can read about it here. My master plan's all coming to fruition... Now to talk Roy into un-retiring...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

15 Most Annoying Video Game Characters

Ever wonder what the 15 most annoying video game characters were? Well, we did too so we went to this link and found out. Read #1 and tell me you didn't do the same thing to that character. I know I did at least a hundred times..."Me too"(says Andrea).

Who gilded the lilies?

I was watching TV earlier today and heard the host make reference to gilding the lilies which of course, got me to thinking about where the phrase came from. I'll save you the trouble of googling it. According to takeourword.com, the phrase comes from Shakespeare's King John. "To gild refined gold, to paint the lily...is wasteful and ridiculous excess." Just a fun little phrase so I thought I'd blog it.