Saturday, June 30, 2007

friggin' awesome!

is it mr. potato head? is it optimus prime? it's both! it's optimash prime!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

zombies are people too

I was at work today and the company released a revision to one of their operating procedures. apparently, as of now, donors who are deceased are to be permanently deferred from donating. apparently, we've been having problems with donors who have passed away trying to come back in to donate. do you hear that zombie donors. no more donating for you. I think it has something to do with the smell... take a shower then come back and try again.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

what the futures holds for me

andrea, her mom, her sister, and I went out to dinner tonight after church. we went to a local chinese buffet. they got fortunes like "you will soon be singled out for a promotion". I kid you not. this is the fortune I got:


here are a couple of pics from our honeymoon. I would've had more but my batteries ran out so I only got about fifty or so pics in total. andrea has a lot more. if you want to see more pics, you can check out my facebook page.

I just had to put this picture up. in case you're wondering, yes, that is a goat crossing the street and yes we are passing a car in the right hand lane (they drive on the left hand side because they're technically british)

just a fun scene from one of the restaurants we ate at

andrea and I at the italian restaraunt. it was one of the nicer restaraunts so we had to dress up. dress up meant long pants and a shirt with a collar for guys.

andrea and I on our tour of the island. the peak in the background is one of the pitons. there are two of them. that's what the island is best known for (the twin pitons). that and the saying "no pressure no problem". there's a volcano on the island so there's constantly steam coming up. as long as you see the steam, you know that pressure isn't building up and you need pressure for an eruption so "no pressure, no problem".

we're back!

as most of you that read this blog with any regularity already know, Andrea and I are now back in the states. we had a lot of fun in St. Lucia. I got sun-burnt and stung by what I can only assume are micro-jellyfish. but all i all it was a blast. we went scuba diving, hobie catting (sailing on a catamaran), and beach bumming. scuba was lots of fun. it'd been about two years since we'd been certified and we hadn't gone since then so we had to take a refresher course. as for hobie catting, they give you a five minute speech and give you a boat. that's the gist of it. your job is then to not crash into any boats larger than you (the smaller ones are ok to crash into though) and, here's the tough part, maneuvering your way back into the port from whence you came. it's a lot like kiteflying in that you spend a lot of time trying to catch the wind. I think we spent about thirty minutes actually sailing and the other hour and a half figuring out how to get back into port (there was almost no wind that day). the rest of the time there was spent going on tours of the island, eating, and just playing on the beach. we'll post pics later.